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Lock Him and Shock Him!
BRUTUS Polycarbonate chastity cage
With 2 mm connections for electro stimulation
With 5 cock rings and 4 locker pins perfectly adjustable to size
With metal padlock and 5 disposable plastic locks
The BRUTUS Shock Cock Cage is a custom adjustable chastity cage made of durable polycarbonate. It can be perfectly adjusted to your personal size and istherefore very suitable to wear for long term wear. The Keyholder decides - do you dare to hand over the key?

The Shock Cage has two 2 mm connectors for connection to an electrostimulation box and is therefore suitable for electrosex. A 2.5 mm jack standard cable is included, but you can of course also use the cable from your electro box.

It comes with five different sizes of cock rings so you can choose the right size before the cage closes. The second adjustment option is the distance between the ring and the cage, which you can determine by choosing the correct length of the locking pin with corresponding spacer. Thanks to both adjustment options, this cage can always be perfectly adapted to the person. Make sure the cage is tight enough so that the cock is inaccessible, but not too narrow to create circulation problems. The Shock Cage is hygienic and easy to keep clean thanks to the ventilation slots. With the five plastic disposable locks supplied, the wearer can even pass through the metal detector at the airport without any problems.
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