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Make your pumping routine effortless and get the erection you’ve been longing for with the Rechargeable Stamina Pump. This powerful, fully automatic pump does the work for you and, with 8.25 inches in length and 2.5 inches in width, accommodates your growing penis with ease. This sleek and high-tech pump uses pressure and suction to increase blood flow to your penis, leading to stronger erections and a greater size over time. it’s totally self-contained: No separate controllers, pumps, or plugs are necessary. It’s USB rechargeable, so battery frustration is a thing of the past. The hands-free, wireless design pump offers 4 ascending levels of suction power. Increase or decrease the pressure with the push of a button! When you’re done pumping or need a break from the pressure, press the quick air release valve to relieve pressure without losing that powerful suction. The clear cylinder gives you a perfect view of your growing erection while you pump. Universal measurements on the cylinder make it easy to track your progress from session to session. You’ll love the satisfaction of watching your penis make its way up to the top over time! The pump’s flanged base offers the ultra-secure seal you need to get the most out of your pump. The body-safe donut on the base of the cylinder provides maximum comfort and increased pleasure as the pump works its magic. An EZ-grip controller and LED lights to guide you seal the deal with the incredible comfort and an easy to understand design.
Diameeter: 6.25 cm
Pikkus: 21 cm
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